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Cloud ERP, Work Anywhere, Deploy Anywhere.

Integrated Financials / Accounting, CRM module, Inventory module, and Many Add-on Modules.

Overview Introduction

Application Suites

Acumatica delivers a complete set of business software applications with dashboards, reporting tools, integrated document management, centralized security, and powerful customization tools.

All applications are web-based, which means that users with appropriate privileges can access the system from any computer or device using all common web browsers. The server software can be installed on client premises or hosted in a datacenter.

Why Acumatica First Cloud ERP

Financial Management Suite

The Acumatica Financial Suite includes a core set of applications used by almost every organization. Acumatica financials are designed for companies with complex requirements, yet are easy to use in smaller organizations. The modules in the Financial Suite are integrated with each other and also with the other Acumatica suites.

Acumatica Overview Distribution Management Suite

Distribution Management Suite

The Distribution Management Suite is an add-on module to the Financial Management Suite for managing the complexities of distribution such as purchasing, ordering, tracking inventory, filling orders, and delivering customer support.
The distribution suite is integrated with our core financial modules to deliver real-time measurements of profitability by warehouse, product line, location, and business unit. Integration with CRM ensures that your entire organization, from sales to support, has visibility into your distribution processes.

Acumatica Overview Customer Management Suite

Customer Management Suite

The Acumatica Customer Management Suite delivers a web-based customer relationship management (CRM) solution for tracking leads, managing opportunities, converting prospects into sales, and managing customers. Acumatica provides a consolidated view of all client contacts including web inquiries, contacts, outgoing email, marketing campaigns, business documents, service cases, and notes.
Integrated financials and content management foster a team approach and deliver a single consolidated view of all customer contacts. Dashboards and reports provide real-time sales data to accurately manage forecasts, quotas, and results.

Integrated Tools

Acumatica Overview Content Management Tools

Content Management Tools

Acumatica delivers a powerful set of content management tools which enables information and document sharing among all system users.

Information can be organized as articles in a business wiki, supporting documents can be attached to wiki articles or financial transactions, articles and documents can be published on internet or shared among internal users. The content management tools are seamlessly integrated with all Acumatica products providing the single information space across the organization.

Acumatica Overview Reporting Tools

Reporting Tools

Acumatica includes a set of general purpose reporting tools that can be used to deliver customized views of your business to every department in your organization. Reports can be tailored to meet the information needs of all roles and people in your organization. Reports are delivered in real-time and include only accounts, customers, and data which users are authorized to see.

Acumatica Overview Customization Tools

Customization Tools

Acumatica provides a set of web-based tools that allows you to change the appearance, business logic, and add custom database fields of your deployment. Alterations made using the customization tools are stored as meta-data and preserved during system upgrades.

Integration tools allow you to import data from any external service or data source to simplify migrations and build interfaces.

Acumatica Overview Development Tools

Development Tools

Acumatica Studio is an application development platform designed to create and customize business applications that require integration with robust financial functions.

Acumatica Studio can be used to customize customer deployments or develop new applications. All Acumatica applications and tools are built with Acumatica Studio.

As Customers: Use Acumatica Studio to change core business logic and integrate with existing software. With access to source code, Acumatica is the most flexible ERP package.

As Developers: Use Acumatica Studio to build web applications without recoding accounting, reporting, security, and many more features. Visit the Acumatica ERP platform pages to learn more

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Why Acumatica Reasons

Why Choose Acumatica

Why Acumatica First Cloud ERP

Acumatica Cloud ERP software improves your business by providing an integrated set of business software applications to automate processes throughout your entire organization at a lower cost than traditional solutions. Acumatica allows you to switch between a SaaS model and traditional software licensing so you can focus on business decisions without committing to specific technologies.




First Cloud ERP

Acumatica is the first mid-range business software application designed to be run on an internal Cloud or an external Cloud. This means that Acumatica delivers the power, usability, and speed of client-server applications whether it’s deployed on an internal cloud platform or managed as a SaaS application.

  • Increase productivity
  • No client software to install
  • Work from anywhere

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Choice of Deployment

You can deploy Acumatica on premise, host Acumatica on a virtual or dedicated server, or run Acumatica on a cloud computing environment according to the needs and resources of your business.

  • Control operations costs
  • Pay for what you use
  • Run multiple entities per system
  • You are not locked-in

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Acquire SaaS or License

Acumatica allows you to purchase a traditional ERP software license or purchase software and services together (SaaS). You have the flexibility to switch between models, even after you customize and deploy your software.

  • Select the purchase model that works for you
  • Avoid lock-in
  • Different licensing, same robust features

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Work Anywhere, Involve Everybody

Acumatica requires only a browser and an Internet connection so you can work from anywhere and involve your entire organization in business process improvement. Centralized ERP security allows you to control who has access to screens, reports, fields, and data records. Use any computer or handheld device.

  • Work anywhere
  • Involve everybody
  • Consolidate operations

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Data Control and Security

Acumatica is designed to satisfy the security needs of banks, health-care, and government organizations. Acumatica provides a complete set of security features including access controls, data encryption, and server based processing.

  • Meet the strongest security requirements
  • Deploy according to your security needs
  • SaaS infrastructure security
  • Comprehensive auditing

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Fully Customizable

Acumatica provides web-based customization tools as well as a fully documented API and SDK. Customizations are managed separately from core business logic so they are not impacted by system upgrades.

  • Fully customizable for SaaS and license
  • Visual, business logic, and database customizations
  • Localized deployments
  • Integrate with other systems
  • Protect your investment

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Integrated CRM and E-commerce

Acumatica delivers pre-integrated CRM and Ecommerce to deliver sales automation, marketing automation, service, and support that is integrated with your financials through a single interface to deliver a complete view of your customers.

  • Streamline operations
  • Promote teamwork
  • Improved sales and support
  • Other CRM systems

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Integrated Reports and Dashboards

Acumatica includes a complete set of integrated business intellegence tools for customizing dashboards, business and financial reports.

  • Rapid access to information
  • Advanced data presentation and analysis
  • Share information easily
  • Lower reporting costs

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Acumatica Priced per CPU, Not per User

Acumatica costs are linked to system usage, not the number of users. When a new user wants access to Acumatica, you grant the appropriate permissions and distribute the user login information – you do not have to purchase another license or install client software.

  • Not locked in as your needs change
  • Less expensive to install
  • Less expensive to operate
  • Less expensive to customize

Find out more on Acumatica.com

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Videos Gallery

Watch the videos below to learn more about Acumatica and see the system in action. All videos are produced in Youtube Videos format.

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Visit our official website to learn more about Acumatica Click here

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